Bull in China - Double Ended Teardrop Barspoon


 AKA “Tasha’s Teardrop”.

At first glance, this variation of the teardrop bar spoon seems like a factory error. I mean, where’s the spoon if it’s a bar SPOON?

Local Portland bartender Natasha Mesa was the first one to bring this style to our attention. While participating in a cocktail competition in Germany, she stumbled across one. It quickly went from satisfying her curiosity to becoming her absolute favorite spoon in her arsenal. Once Tasha came back stateside, she asked us if we could produce these. Well, when Tasha asks, we listen. And, Voilá! Tasha’s Teardrop is now here.

Just try and stir your next drink with one of these, and you’ll see why we’re such fans. You get all the benefits of the counterweighting from the teardrops, with none of the worry from catching an ice cube with the spoon side and accidentally flinging it out of the glass (it happens to the best of us). This spoon just about stirs itself!

12in/30cm length

Copper only

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