Nicolas Alziari - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Organic (Certified AB Agriculture Biologic & European Union) 100% Pure Olive additives Cold Extraction and Unfiltered.
Bold with no Bitterness, Fruity with a Peppery Finish... Made in Nice, France for over a 100 years...taste the history.
This grand cru of olive oil is the fruit of a delicate blend of varieties harvested still green, from the finest groves. Sweet taste and lively aromas. Ideal for salads, tomatoes and other raw vegetables.
From the Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection...this is the very Best Nicolas Alziari.
All Cuvee Pauline oils are shipped in Special Cans that offer 100% Protection for the oil Quality with Zero Metallic Taste.
Storage: Protect from light and heat . In the cellar or in the kitchen for smaller containers for everyday use. Olive oil, like wine, does not appreciate changes in temperature. For example, choose the bottom cupboards in your kitchen, or think of moving your bottle of olive oil out of the window.
Made in France

34 0z.

3.5" l x 3.5" w x 8" h

2.6 lb

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