CADDIS - BIXBY - Reading Glasses



  • Optical grade CR39 lens.
  • Superior hard coat for anti scratch durability.
  • Anti-reflective coatings to mitigate reflections and glare.
  • Super hydro-phobic and oleo-phobic coatings for anti smudge.

Available in Matte Black, Matte Putty Grey, Matte Bone, Turtle, Raw Honey, Polished Clear Pink, and Polished Clear Pink Progressive.

Handcrafted acetate designs utilizing state of the art CNC and finishing for fit, function, and durability. Bixby is the bold statement condensed into a smaller package. We received feedback from some of you saying that not all 100% of Age Awesome-ers could run with the Miklos, but you loved the style. We went back to the lab, created a design with the same DNA as the Miklos, yet still it’s own animal, and designed for slightly smaller faces. Meet Bixby.

CADDIS Progressives are reading glasses with lenses that progress from no magnification at the top, to your chosen magnification at the bottom.
This means you can see near, intermediate and far through this one lens - which ends switching glasses stacked on your head.
CADDIS Progressives are true progressive lenses (not blended bi-focals). The lenses are made with our proprietary frequency blue light blocking lenses.

All Caddis readers block blue light. Our included HEV coating blocks harmful high energy light screens emit. We're pro cool shit you're doing on your screens. We're anti eye strain, headaches & disrupted sleep. Block. Blue. Light. Now.

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