aarke Carbonator Pro and New/Recycle CO2 Cylinders



Aarke CO2 gas is exclusively produced from renewable resources within the agricultural industry. This means that the CO2 comes from sources already in the eco-system – we’re not adding any unnecessary CO2 gas to the atmosphere. aarke Carbonator III pairs perfectly with aarke Renewable CO2 60L gas cylinders as well as other screw-in cylinder system. *Not Compatible with pink cap Quick Connect Cylinder system. Each 14.5 oz

Carbonator Pro

Elevate your countertop style with the Aarke sparkling water maker designed in Sweden. The sleek device carbonates water via a simple lever mechanism. Just fill the included bottle with cold water, screw it into the machine, push down the lever, then release. Add natural flavorings like citrus juice and syrups to create your own refreshing flavored waters and sodas.

Bye-bye, plastic bottles! Make less waste with reusable containers filled with fresh sparkling water.
Makes sparkling water from tap water in seconds – an eco-friendlier and less expensive alternative to buying bottled water.
Lever both carbonates the water and automatically releases pressure in the bottle.
Durable stainless-steel housing available in four finishes: polished stainless steel, polished copper, glossy waffle white or matte black.
Includes 33-oz. (1-liter) PET water bottle with stainless-steel cap.
Requires no electricity or batteries.
Redesigned precision nozzle is CNC-machined from a single piece of stainless steel; this beautifully polished nozzle produces a smooth, controlled spray beam.

6" x 10" x 16 1/4" high.
4 lb.
Additional Information
Model #AAC3.
Unique safety system with three independent valves keeps water out of C02 cylinders.
Drip tray catches water.
BPA-free plastic water bottle.
Compatible with 60-liter C02 cylinders (sold separately).

Comes with Glass Bottle

BUY CO2 Cannister separately

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