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Chuang Yi Gallery - Chalcedony Carnelian Necklace


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Chuang Yi means wealth and originality in Chinese, reflecting values of high quality and unique products. With this in mind, they have built their business on ideals of peace, well-being and a wish to bring this into the lives of their customers. They have a line of gifts that stem from Fengshui and Buddhist philosophies, and a portion of each sale in this section goes to monasteries around the world that promote peace in our busy world. Their handmade jewelry emulates the beauty of the natural world by featuring natural, hand-picked gemstones and flowing organic shapes and classic natural scenes. All of these products are made with care, ensuring the durability to carry this inspiration for generations.

A marquise cut chalcedony gemstone is framed with 14k gold fill wire on a chain. The chain is accented with small drops of carnelian. Adjustable between 16" and 18".