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Gourmet Ghee Company - Cinnamon Ghee Butter, 9oz.


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Cinnamon Ghee Butter, 9oz.

Classic Recipe Ghee Butter, 9oz. Casein-Lactose-Gluten Free


•Cinnamon ghee butter is decadent and creamy; we use 100% natural ingredients and award-winning grass-fed European butter • Cinnamon Ghee butter is spreadable, casein, gluten, and lactose-free. This ghee is recommended for baking, and butter coffee/shakes. We use 100% Ceylon Cinnamon Drizzle on baked goods and cookies, no icing needed.

Using an imported European butter that is 100% grass-fed we make authentic ghee butter using an ancient family recipe. *Perfect for cooking, baking, and butter coffee. A healthier option to butter and oils. *Ghee is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients A, E, K, and omega B-6 *Butter coffee is perfect for better brain focus, natural source of energy, brain-building blocks, and weight loss. (eaten in moderation).

Gourmet Ghee Company

Born in Bombay, India, I always grew up with natural homemade ingredients that were passed down the generations. It was all too common to see the vibrant colors of saffron and turmeric or smell the buttery goodness of ghee. My mother never failed to carry those essential ingredients with us when we moved to New York in 1984. At the ripe young age of 4, I already knew ghee was my favorite thing to have. Little did I know years later I would be a pioneer in bringing this legendary ingredient to the masses. After spending years in television production and casting as a producer, I made the jump to the entrepreneur in the summer of 2017. I took my passion, my experience (plus all my savings) to bring a wholesome ingredient and revitalize an ancient superfood for today's palate. The result: Gourmet Ghee Company. After being in business for two years, I’ve been lucky to get recognition from the Dr. Oz show, Celebrity chefs, magazine, and Whole Foods. People ask me why I chose ghee butter and my answer is always the same, “The women of ancient India had amazing foresight to know the dietary, health and beauty benefits of ghee. As an Indian woman I feel it's my responsibility to represent and share that knowledge while making it a useful staple in people's everyday life." Born in India, Made in America. -Leave the straining to us.