Hardeman Home - Signature Hand Soap Dispenser


Made of a unique stoneware material, this gorgeous soap dispenser can be filled with your favorite non-foaming hand or dish soap! Featuring "Hand" debossed in the stoneware, this dispenser can be used with any of our matte black, gold, and rose gold pumps! Elevate your kitchen or bathroom decor by creating a streamlined and cohesive look around your sink and countertop!

Why Choose Our Signature Dispensers?

The dispensers in our Signature Collection are made of a premium stoneware which provides three benefits:

  1. The stoneware is extremely durable. Compared to our glass dispenser collection, these stoneware dispensers can survive a fall off of the counter a couple times.
  2. Dawn dish soap does NOT show through! This is a highly requested feature amongst our customers. Most white dispenser bottles are unable to mask the bold blue Dawn dish soap from showing through. However, the stoneware is thick enough that this is not a problem!
  3. Non-slip feet on the bottom of the bottles. This feature not only keeps the dispenser stable, but also raises the bottle slightly so that moisture doesn't get stuck underneath and cause mold.


Dimensions: 8.25" tall x 2.75" wide

Made of durable stoneware.

Capacity: 16 fluid ounces

Dispensers are sold empty and do not include soap or lotion.

The wording on the bottle is debossed.

Not intended for foaming soaps.Si

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