Olight - Haloop Camping Metal Light


● Stylish, Functional, and Powerful: Beneath its stylish exterior, Haloop is a functional and powerful 360-degree light source, which mounts easily to most any umbrella, shade canopy, or pyramid tent.

● High-Quality Construction: The solid feel provided by its metal base disc, guards, hanging hook/handle, and reflector will bring an elegant touch to any backyard or patio space while being rugged enough for any campsite.

● Match Your Mood and Task: The option of orange or white light, combined with a 10 to 600-lumen output and stepless dimming, helps you effortlessly create the perfect ambiance for any occasion or provide the right light temperature and brightness for any task.

● High Capacity Power Bank: Haloop's 8800 mAh rechargeable battery pack with USB-C output can fully charge an iPhone 13 Pro up to three times! Use it for emergency backup power, a convenient and attractive way to charge guests’ phones during outdoor get-togethers, or as the perfect camping companion for all your devices!

● Light Where You Need It: The unique, two-piece handle allows easy carrying as well as hanging in the middle of a rope or branch. In addition, you can use the included adapter to easily clamp Haloop onto a variety of umbrellas, shade canopies, or pyramid tents. (Compatible with 0.79 - 2.17 inch diameter round tubes/poles.) Haloop can also be mounted to hanging (pole-less) umbrellas with the included straps.


    We have one simple goal: to put an Olight in as many people’s hands as possible.

    Why? Because we believe no one should be left in the dark; period. We believe in providing quality illumination products to everyone. We care about every little detail from brightness to runtime, from ergonomics to size and weight; and, more importantly, about how we can improve your lives with light.

    We want to push our products to the limit so that we can give you the best lights in the smallest package possible for the best price, so that you have the right tools to conquer the night.

    We are a global, technology-driven lighting company, filled with dedicated people who want to provide the best for our customers. We are Outdoors-men, Sportsmen, Veterans, and DIY go-getters — we are you. We use our own products every day to make sure that we practice what we preach; it keeps us honest. We want to give you quality design and functionality that really works when you need it to. We are just a group of people looking to change the world one light at a time, and we want you to be a part of it.


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