DAM LLC - Jigsaw Puzzles


Stork, Elephant : Age 3yr

Tiger, Bird, Dragon, Knight, Princess Space, Whale : Age 4yr

Toucan Jungle :Age 5yr 

Crazy Jungle, Coral Reef : Age 8yr


DAM, LLC proudly distributes its own specialty toy and lifestyle brand Scratch Europe and now, just months after starting operations, launches the distribution of a second brand Avenir, a colorful, competitively priced Arts & Crafts brand for the Specialty Market. Discover some of Scratch’s unique collections such as the Contour Puzzles, uniquely shaped puzzles and packed in uniquely shaped boxes. Or Disker Games, a new highlight in Scratch’s extensive Active Play range, magnetic fun for indoor and outdoor play. Avenir is gaining traction in Europe, the UK and Australia and now a first to the US. Check out Avenir’s Paint Sticks, solid paint that twists up just like a glue stick. Their Sewing Kits in a tube come as dolls or keychains, all packed in a handy CDU..

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