Drowsy Sleep Co. - Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


✔︎ Queen size 75 X 50 cm
✔︎ Luxury envelope closure
✔︎ Anti-aging, hair protecting + no sleep crease
✔︎ Hypoallergenic, moisturising & breathable

100% washable. Elevate your sleep to the next level with the Drowsy silk pillow case. The cult favourite of beauty editors, silk reduces the friction that causes long term damage to hair and skin and night. This heavenly pillowcase glides over skin making bedtime irresistible.

Drowsy silk packs a mega-watt load of skin benefits. The moisture wicking properties of the fabric keep your skin hydrated throughout the night. Better still, it won't soak up your night creams like a normal pillow case, so it only boosts your nighttime regime. Pair that with the joy of waking up daily without the sleep crease of a normal fabric, and it's easy to see why Drowsy silk pillow cases are an anti-aging miracle cure.

The gliding surface and high momme count of Drowsy silk delivers a night of zero friction to hair. So whether your hair is thin or voluminous you can wake up free from bedhead tangles and dryness. There's a reason it's the beauty secret of hair stylists the world round. 

The thermo-regulating properties of silk keep you cool during the fluctuations of your nighttime temperature. So whether you're sizzling hot or ice cold, our pillow case helps to keep your temperature steady and your sleep regulated. But more importantly, going to sleep on 22 momme silk is like sinking into a cloud. It delivers instant relaxation that draws you into the deepest, most restorative sleep.

Sleeping on a Drowsy silk pillow case is the ultimate luxury. The sensual feel of the fabric as it slips across your skin delivers instant relaxation. We could wow you for hours with the health benefits for your skin and hair. But the question you really need to be asking is "do I deserve to sleep on anything less?"

Drowsy is the best gift for anyone you love. Whatever the time of the year, give the gift of sleep of sleep to those who deserve it most.

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