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Europe2You Small Farmtable Plank Cutting Board


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The elongated shape of these reclaimed wood planks make them ideal as a table centerpiece. Used for decoration or as a wood serving plank for food, the farmtable plank provides the perfect amount of surface space. This decorative piece is hand-crafted from reclaimed wood. Due to the nature of the found beams, no piece will be perfectly identical and will contain varying crevices and splits within the wood, embracing its organic beauty even further.

Length: 22"
Width: 10"
Height: 2"
Weight: 4.00 lb

Europe2You strives to create and provide sustainable and quality European products for the modern home.

At Europe2You, it’s no secret that we admire and appreciate the role that sustainability plays in the world today. So much so, that we’ve created a factory where the only materials used are recycled or reclaimed. From the reclaimed wood beams we use to craft all of our wooden products, to the broken pieces of recycled glass that are melted down to form our signature glass. With sustainable practices, we also stress the importance of the handcrafted nature of our products, which embraces their unique character and charm.


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