Galantino - Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Hand Painted Ceramic


Hand-painted ceramic filled with Galantino extra virgin olive oil. The “Fantasia" hand-painted ceramic comes in a variety of colors and is hand-painted by local artisans of the Puglia region of Italy, where the award-winning Frantoio Galantino olive mill is located. It is filled with their delicious authentic extra virgin olive oil.

Available in Red and Stripe

Net weight: 500 ml/17 fl oz
Made in Italy

The Frantoio Galantino estate, with over 15,000 olive trees, is located in the middle of Puglia, a land of olive trees near the Adriatic Sea. This region, which as an important cultural heritage and is also the one with the highest production of extra olive oil Virgin in the world.

The olive harvest is done by hand in November when they arrive at maturity. Great care is taken to the cultivation of olive trees and it's Gianvito Galantino, who personally oversees all phases of production. Picking up the most rigorous organoleptic examination, he ensures all the conditions to obtain an olive oil of exceptional organoleptic qualities.

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