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Jamnation - Apricot Red-Handed


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All apricots are not created equal. The Royal Blenheim apricot could quite literally be called the king of apricots, boasting an intense simultaneously sweet + tangy flavor, far superior to other apricots. Despite its renown, the Royal Blenheim has steadily been in decline, supplanted by imports or other varietals that transport better. 

Ingredients: Organic apricots, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic almond extract.

10 oz.

At Jamnation we use only local, organic fruit from within 200 miles. Our jams have up to 50% more fruit and up to 50% less added sugar. The result? The most intensely fruity jam you’ve ever tasted. Each flavor uses globally-inspired15.00 florals, herbs + spices to create a unique combination with a focus on sourcing, sustainability, and the pursuit of great flavors.