JellyCat Aardvark


Brand JellyCat

 Snuggles and chuckles with this humble fellow! Aardvark has dreams as big as his lengthy snout and wiggly-waggle ears! This mottled guy may not look it, but he's really a big softy who's only dream is to reach the sky! Maybe a new friend can help him soar, carrying him up, up into the air. With lots and lots of 'welcome home' cuddles afterwards, of course!


About Jellycat

The full range of Jellycat soft toy silliness! Explore all the quirky cuteness from the creators of the softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored. Established in London in 1999 and launching many new soft toy designs every January and July, there is always something original and quirky yet incredibly soft and sumptuous to find at a Jellycat jamboree! Irresistibly cuddly, sophisticatedly silly, hilariously humorous, a perfect gift for all ages!

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