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Karmalize.Me - Organic Omega-3 Trail Mix


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armalize.Me Organic Berry Trail Mix comes in an attractive grab and go snack pack and contains Omega-3 rich nuts Ingredients: Cranberry*, Cashews*, Almonds*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Pecans*, Pistachios*. *-Organic Products

Made in United States of America

About Karmalize.Me is a play on words.."Karma Lies (in) Me". If you do good, good comes back to you. With this philosophy, we donate 50% of our profits to charities. We believe that businesses should be all about uplifting people and communities. It should impact people’s lives, their neighborhoods and the environment in a positive way. And so, we created Karmalize.Me with the intention to do business that truly touches peoples soul.

Made in United States of America