La Boite Spices - Cataluna N. 22


Cataluña N.22 is a blend of smoked cinnamon and smoked paprika.

Perfect for both sweet and savory presentations of seafood, meat, fruit, and vegetables, this smoky spice blend immediately brings me back to traditional Catalan cuisine.

Main Ingredients in Cataluña N.22

  • pimentón
  • smoked cinnamon
  • and spices

How to Use Cataluña N.22

Add this Catalan spice blend to your favorite marinara sauce to taste, and use to make lasagna or pizza.

Product Details
  • Contains: garlic
  • 2.25 oz. by weight


    Traveling and cooking around the world for the last several years, Chef Lior Lev Sercarz worked with some of the world’s best chefs, including most notably spice master Olivier Roellinger. Inspired by his passion for spices and the stories they tell, Lior began his own journey studying spices and their origins, eventually creating his own blends. Each of them is a reflection of a place, a moment, or cultural influence.
    To create the blends, Lior uses the best spices from around the world to obtain fresh, aromatic, and powerful flavors. Though delightful in his biscuits, the blends can also be used in many preparations, offering endless possibilities for savory dishes, creative desserts, and unique cocktails.


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