La Boite Spices - Essential Spice Blend Collection - Pierre Poivre, Cancale, Breeze


Having worked together for 3 years, Eric Ripert of Manhattan’s Le Bernardin and Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boîte have decided to collaborate in the creation of a unique line of spices. Drawing inspiration from their international travels, their shared passion for global cuisines, and their cities of origin, Eric and Lior are thrilled to introduce The Voyager Collection. This exclusive selection of travel-friendly spices will allow chefs and home cooks alike to elevate everyday dishes as well as elaborate preparations while at home or on the go.

Essential Spice Blend Collection - Pierre Poivre, Cancale, Breeze

This set of 3 indispensable seasonings for everyday use are great for flavoring any of your savory dishes from chicken and beef to sauces and soups. 2oz. jars by volume.

Pierre Poivre N.7 (1 oz.) - Tangy, sweet, sour, and floral notes can be found in this eight-pepper blend, which can be used to season anything from wild game and grilled steaks to thick-cut vegetables.    Ingredients: 8 different peppers and spices

Cancale N.11 (1.5 oz.) -  This blend, which can be added to just about anything, combines fleur de sel with a hint of orange peel and fennel seed.     Ingredients: fleur de sel, orange, fennel and spices, salt

Breeze N.5 (1 oz.) - A refreshing blend of anise and citrus, Breeze N.5 was originally intended for seafood, but it's found many more homes, in bread, crackers and even beer brewing!   Ingredients: tea, anise, lemon and spices


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