La Boite Spices - The First Step Set


Brand La Boite

The First Step Set comes with The Art of Blending cookbook and a set of 5 mini spices (Luberon, Breeze, Pierre Poivre, Yemen and Cancale). A great introduction to La Boîte's blends.

Luberon N.4 (1 oz.) - The dried lavender flowers in this blend, my expression of a traditional Herbes de Provence, bring subtle floral notes and unexpected texture to lamb, roasted vegetables, poultry and even my sablé biscuits.      Ingredients: lavender, basil, fennel and spices

Breeze N.5 (1 oz.) - A refreshing blend of anise and citrus, Breeze N.5 was originally intended for seafood, but it's found many more homes, in bread, crackers and even beer brewing!   Ingredients: tea, anise, lemon and spices

Pierre Poivre N.7 (1 oz.) - Tangy, sweet, sour, and floral notes can be found in this eight-pepper blend, which can be used to season anything from wild game and grilled steaks to thick-cut vegetables.     Ingredients: 8 different peppers and spices

Yemen N.10 (1 oz.) - Originally created as a blend to stir into coffee, this mix of ginger, cinnamon, and allspice delivers a brightness that elevates beverages, soups and sauces.   Ingredients: cinnamon, ginger, allspice and spices

Cancale N.11 (1 oz.) - This blend, which can be added to just about anything, combines fleur de sel with a hint of orange peel and fennel seed.     Ingredients: fleur de sel, orange, fennel and spices, salt

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