Lucia, Collection 6, Fresh Fig & Wild Ginger


Luxury fragrances never looked so amazing. This line of soaps, room sprays, and candles by Lucia features certified organic ingredients, and comes in beautiful designer packaging that makes it perfect for gift giving.

Featuring elegant and exotic combinations, Lucia offers fragrances such as Blue Lotus and Sicilian Orange, Bourbon Vanilla and White Tea, Damask Rose and Cypress, Mandarin and Tomato Flower, Olive Oil and Laurel Leaf, Thyme Flower and Coriander, Wild Ginger and Fresh Fig, Sweet Almond and Wild Berries, and more. These combinations have been carefully crafted to offer relaxation, rejuvenation, energizing, calming, and other powerful effects. Tea ingredients offer antiseptic properties to cleanse your skin, while pure botanical extracts such as floral ingredients, add moisture and nutrients to your skin.

The product ingredients used by the Lucia line are certified organic. The triple-milled soaps are handmade with Shea Butter, so your skin is left perfectly smooth and nurtured. These soaps are long-lasting thanks to the milling process, and are always made in small batches so you get the freshest ingredients and scents possible. Lucia’s candles are made with 100% soy, in an environmentally responsible method. Burning these candles releases no harmful chemicals, and all soy candle products are sourced from fair-trade communities only.

These products are made in Canada, and are FSC Certified as organic and environmentally friendly. 

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