Nutkrack actually began as a mistake. Our founder, Chef Eric Rupert, was hard at work in the kitchen, the stovetop crowded with pots and pans, when he accidentally dropped some pecan halves into the wrong pot. He set the pecans aside to cool, intending to throw them away. 

When he saw them again later, he stopped and looked more closely. They had a perfect, shiny glaze as though they had been intentionally and carefully prepared. He tasted one, and was surprised at how crunchy and delicious it was. Over he next hour, he ate them all.

The next day, he set out to repeat his mistake, on purpose this time. He added a little salt to compliment the mild sweetness and perfect toasty notes of the prior day's pecans. Rather than eating them all himself, he shared the second batch with family and friends. They were a unanimous hit, and a tradition was born: Eric would prepare these accidental treats as holiday gifts, and he did so for years. 

Firekracker is our spicy flavor, made exactly the same way as Classic Nutkrack, with five chilis to add depth of flavor. Think two on the four-chili scale, with a nice, slow-building Midwestern-style heat. Buy yours now or treat your friends and family to this world-class chili spiked candied pecan gift.

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