OLIGHT - Omino Orange


● 4 Magnetic Charging Ports: For charging up to four Olight devices at the same time

● Easy Connection: Connects through USB charger with widely available USB Type-C cable

● Durable: High quality with robust aluminum bottom board, durable PC+ABS body, and anti-slip base mat

● Widely Spaced Outlets: Ample space between each port to reduce interference

● Orange: Uplifting orange represents the enthusiasm to fuel consistent action. Take the orange Obulb MC / Omino to make your life full of vitality and creativity.

*Note: Omino compatible with Olight flashlights charged via MCC 1A and MCC 3. Due to size differences, the Omino CANNOT charge for Olantern Series.

Why? Because we believe no one should be left in the dark; period. We believe in providing quality illumination products to everyone. We care about every little detail from brightness to runtime, from ergonomics to size and weight; and, more importantly, about how we can improve your lives with light.

We want to push our products to the limit so that we can give you the best lights in the smallest package possible for the best price, so that you have the right tools to conquer the night.

We are a global, technology-driven lighting company, filled with dedicated people who want to provide the best for our customers. We are Outdoors-men, Sportsmen, Veterans, and DIY go-getters — we are you. We use our own products every day to make sure that we practice what we preach; it keeps us honest. We want to give you quality design and functionality that really works when you need it to. We are just a group of people looking to change the world one light at a time, and we want you to be a part of it.


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