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Original Healing Ointment- .5 Oz                                                                           Read below.

Original Healing Ointment- 2 oz.                                                                       Puremedy's Original Healing Salve has been healing infections, skin conditions, and chronic wounds for over a century.

Our proprietary blend of pine and fir tree extracts! We believe that nature gives us all of the tools we need to heal ailments, and to live healthy, happy lives. Equally important, we believe that science is crucial, and that it must be explored in order to understand natural remedies, and how to utilize them best. We have seen hundreds of examples of how this salve has healed injuries from minor cuts/burns to chronic wounds, gangrenous tissue, infections and so much more.

Protective Nose Ointment- 1 oz.                                                                                  A Powerful new addition to our product offering Puremedy Protective Nose Ointment is formulated with organic, antiviral ingredients. This ointment is applied inside the nostrils using a cotton swab or clean finger. This is a safe and effective way to add extra protection when you are around other people or out in public.

  • Protects the nasal passages by creating a barrier, helping to block incoming microbes.
  • Helps to soothe the nasal passages.
  • Made with all natural ingredients that are either organic or wild harvested.
  • Free of petroleum and all toxic ingredients.


* Puremedy products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease.

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