Toodaloo Trail Mix


The seeds of Toodaloo were planted in college, where I studied Environmental Sustainability and climate change. It was in those classes that I fell in love with soil—yep DIRT. Told you, I’m weird—but just pretend I’m Neil Degrasse Tyson taking you on a journey to explore the cosmos, but instead of space, it’s through the multiverse of the soil beneath our feet. 😉

Get this—just one tablespoon of healthy, fertile soil can contain over 1 billion different microorganisms that all eat carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere—the main cause of climate change? Rad right?!

These little guys are mighty powerful—they literally suck down carbon dioxide and use it to create more nutritious food, clean our water, and support biodiversity—a win, win, win situation for everyone. 😉

For many years, I knew the power of healthy soil and how it could help save the world, but I didn’t know what to do with it until 2020 flipped our world upside-down.

Toodaloo replaces all these dead, fake ingredients in some brands with healing superfoods and ancient adaptogenic herbs!

There I was, 25 years-young and trapped ALONE in my tiny Austin, Texas, apartment during the great pandemic. To be honest, I was completely losing my shit. I had recently gone through a breakup, I was laid off from my job, and I was pretty freakin’ terrified of this “new normal.”

Drowning my emotions with way too much wine and Amazon-Prime-delivered junk food became my “new normal.” Then one day, while binge watching The Office episodes for twelve hours straight, I finished off my SECOND super-size bag of trail mix and casually looked at the ingredients.

All together there were 43 unhealthy ingredients in my bag of so-called “healthy” trail mix. Fake dyes, preservatives, GMOs, processed sugars, and oxidized canola and palm oils (which requires deforestation of the Amazon rainforest).

What are “Methyl Parabens” and why the hell is it in my trail mix?

Then I started wondering…

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