Vivapura - Tahini, Raw, Organic, Stone Ground, 16 oz


Sprouted Almond Butter, Raw, Organic, Stone Ground, 16 oz

Smooth, Creamy, Raw Stone-Ground Tahini is so unique - and so tasty
Easy to pour squeeze pouch.
Sesame Seeds, Raw, Organic, Stone Ground

Nut Butters

  • In house stone grinder A.K.A. melanger turns slowly at low temperatures (under 104f) for 24 hours.
  • Intensifying flavors of each ingredient and creating a texture unlike other "nut butters" you've tried.
  • Creating a deep, rich, creamy, texture that reflects each of the ingredients attributes.
  • Stone ground process preserves precious enzymes in nature's perfect protein!
  • Try all of them! Not responsible for obsession.


Vivapura Superfoods sources sustainably crafted, raw, plant based superfood products from around the world. Each nutrient dense product is packaged in compostable packaging minimizing waste. Vivapura supports your raw food lifestyle with reliable, quality products.

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