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Ziba Foods - Sweet Apricot Kernels


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Found inside apricot pits, this super-seed resembles a small almond. Our sweet apricot kernels come from Bamyan and are a good source of plant-based protein, making them great for snacking and adding to salads and baked goods.

Unlike bitter varieties, Ziba’s sweet apricot kernels are perfectly safe for consumption and have the same amygdalin levels as almonds.

Ziba dry roasts (without oil), enhancing flavor while keeping them a healthy snack.

Benefits of our Sweet Apricot Kernels:

  • Crunchy and fresh
  • Contains healthy fats
  • More protein than almonds
  • Very low levels of amygdalin (B17)

About Ziba Foods

Ziba Foods is an artisanal food company that specializes in heirloom and wild-grown dried fruits and nuts from the mineral-rich valleys of Afghanistan. We are a socially conscious company with a focus on providing sustainable impact to marginalized communities.