BETTY (Chihuahua)

ANDERSON, SC....Can you imagine and tiny dog being so scared that she would do anything to get away from humans.   Betty was picked up as a stray in Anderson, SC with a sizeable Tumor or Hernia.  We were told that she was shy and was scared of humans, but she needed help or would be put down.   I agreed to help her, so she could get out and get the emotional support and surgery that she needed.


The minute Betty arrived, she was taken back to the ER so they could determine what the massive growth was.  X-rays showed she had an inguinal hernia on the left side that was long overdue for repair.   She was also heartworm positive and anemic.  We had to get this adorable pup stable before any surgical repair could be done.


The other issue we were dealing with was Betty refused to eat.  She would drink a little water but not enough to matter.  She had to be put on IV fluids to give her meds and to keep her hydrated.  The biggest issue with this pup is sheer fear.  I have had a lot of fearful dogs but never one as scared as Betty.   Everything we saw with Betty was a dog that was fearful for her Life.   Whatever happened to her, she appeared to be re-living it over and over again.  Betty was in survival mode and would do whatever she had to do to survive.   Last Resort for her was to bite you.


I can only assume Bett's hernia probably came from someone kicking her repeatedly.   Dogs are trusting, loving beautiful creatures that will take a lot of pain before they turn their backs on you.   We believe Betty is nine years old and must have had a Life of pure Horror for her to be this way.  We are not talking about a big dog.  Betty is a tiny eight-pound dog that someone has chosen to neglect and abuse and then abandon.  She was picked up as a stray with her massive growth dragging around.


After a week in Critical  Care, Dr. Rachel Seibert was finally able to do Betty's hernia repair.  The skin had stretched so much over the hernia that she was initially concerned the repair would not hold and a skin graft would have to be done.   When she went in, she also noticed a small area on the right side that looked like it could possibly form another hernia.  She put stitches in to prevent another hernia from forming.   


While Betty was recovering from her repair, her right side formed a hernia after three days.    To get away from people, Betty will fitfully scramble away.   We believe that is what caused the other hernia.   Our tiny girl was now back in surgery for the second time to repair the right side hernia and also spay her.  Betty is recovering and can finally come to us for much-needed Love and Care.


Paying for one surgery is hard enough for us, but two hernia procedures is a lot more than we anticipated.  Please, Donate toward Betty's Medical Care so we can work on getting her to trust us and turn her Life around.

August 07, 2019 by Jennifer Smith