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100% of the profits go toward saving the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.

MARGE (Pittie)

MARGE (Pittie)

GREENWOOD, SC.......If you want to know what happens to a 4-month-old puppy that is dipped in burnt motor oil, well, these are the good pictures. This poor baby was dropped off at Greenwood Humane Society, covered with motor oil and terribly sick.  Her ears were full of gunk that had been poured in and left. The Owners said she had Demodex, and they had heard burnt motor oil was the cure.  That is an Old Wives Tale that has killed hundreds of puppies.  

February 20, 2020
CHARLIE (Frenchie)

CHARLIE (Frenchie)

BEAUFORT, SC...Irresponsible Breeders are everywhere. The news is full of hoarding cases with Back-Yard Breeders. The conditions these sweet, innocent Souls are forced to live in makes me want to grab the responsible person and put them in a cramped, fouled kennel with no food and water.  My heart aches for these dogs and their suffering.

February 07, 2020
GHOST (Husky Mix)

GHOST (Husky Mix)

ANDERSON, SC.....I received a desperate text from our Contact at Anderson County P.A.W.S., begging for help with a Husky Mix that had been shot with a rifle.   I got as much info as they had, and after seeing the pics knew the dog they were calling, Richardson was not going to make it without our help.  Arrangments were made to get this sweet pup (we are now calling GHOST) to CVRC in Charleston, SC.

February 05, 2020

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