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100% of the profits go toward saving the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.



YORK, SC......We got an emergency text stating a sweet Blue Pitbull was picked up as a stray and was Critical.  She was emaciated and throwing up and was taken to the ER.  X-rays confirmed a Bowel Obstruction that was not passing.  The plea stated this sweet pup had two hours, or they were going to euthanize since they could not afford surgery to save her.

January 16, 2020
GRETCHEN (Pittie / Aussie)

GRETCHEN (Pittie / Aussie)

I am happy to report that all of my Staff is finally well and can go out to see the Public.  Everyone in the South seemed to have the same thing, so hopefully, we will not get anything new.  During our illness, we were still taking in pups and running dogs in and out of the hospital.   Sweet Gretchen was rescued during this time.

January 14, 2020
NOEL (Staffy)

NOEL (Staffy)

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday Season and are ready to embrace a New Year filled with much Joy and less hardship. We have been so busy rescuing and taking care of abused animals that we have not had as much time as I would have liked to do updates or posts for the new pups. It seems like the minute we fix one, two take their place. This year we have had a lot more dogs than usual that are in our Hospice Program. Their injuries or Medical Conditions are too Life-Threatening for us to allow them to go anywhere. With us, they get unconditional Love and are nurtured through their Medical Crisis.

December 31, 2019

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