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100% of the profits go to saving Abused Animals next door @ Noah's Arks Rescue.
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100% of the profits go toward saving the dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.

WALTER (Beagle)

WALTER (Beagle)

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA......One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure is something I say regularly.   A dog gives his entire Life to a Family only to be discarded when he gets too old to either hunt or produce pups.   Life of a Hunting Dog is hard every day when the Owners treat them like property and not part of a Family to be loved and nurtured.   

August 22, 2019
OZZIE (Cattle Dog)

OZZIE (Cattle Dog)

VIDALIA, GA.....We were contacted by another rescue in Vidalia, GA, about a two-year-old Australian Cattle Dog that needed help.  Ozzie had wandered up to a home four weeks ago in terrible shape in Jeff Davis County, Georgia.  After being there for a few weeks, the Home Owner called a rescue in the area to help Ozzie.

August 09, 2019
BETTY (Chihuahua)

BETTY (Chihuahua)

ANDERSON, SC....Can you imagine and tiny dog being so scared that she would do anything to get away from humans.   Betty was picked up as a stray in Anderson, SC with a sizeable Tumor or Hernia.  We were told that she was shy and was scared of humans, but she needed help or would be put down.   I agreed to help her, so she could get out and get the emotional support and surgery that she needed.

August 07, 2019

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