Liberty Puzzles - Frida Kahlo's Studio


We design Liberty Puzzles to deliver hours of entertainment and believe they are best enjoyed in good company. So, set your phone down, gather your loved ones around a Liberty Puzzle and spend some time quality together!

Liberty Puzzles are meant to pay homage to the original wooden jigsaw puzzles of the past few centuries. We aim to create new traditions while honoring old.

There is nothing more valuable than time with other human beings whom you love. We hope a Liberty Puzzle can be one of the ways that people come together and enjoy each other's company.

Whimsy Pieces - Uniquely-cut pieces with a story

Locally Made - Made in Boulder, CO, for 20 years

Superior Materials - 1/4" thick wood cut by lasers

Artist Support - 1000+ designs from talented artists

Piece Replacement - We'll remake/replace a lost piece

Exquisite Packaging - Beautiful collector's item or gift

Piece Count: 525
Dimensions: 13.75 x 16.25 inches
Size: Large
Release Date: October 2022
Artist: Damian Elwes

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