CLOVER (Pittie)

ANDERSON COUNTY, SC......We are the last resort for most animals we take on. The thinking behind No Hope for certain animals is healthy dogs and cats are euthanized by the hundreds daily in this country. Rescues and Humane Societies would prefer to save a healthy animal than put time, resources, and money into an animal that is hurt or abused. I believe every animal deserves a chance at a better life, so I take the ones no one else wants.


Dear Clover is a perfect example of a fabulous dog at the end of her Life because NO Rescue would step up for her.   Clover is ten years old with bilateral tumors filling up the cavity of both her ears. Chronic ear infections that go untreated are probably the main reason for the growth. She was picked up as a stray and brought to Anderson County PAWS, where Dr. Sanders began treating her.


For one month, Dr. Sanders and her Staff did all they could for Clover. Clover's ear infections were treated, but without (TECA) Total Ear Canal Ablation Surgery, Clover would be another statistic. Dr. Sanders reached out to me for help. She already knows what I do, and the chances were slim given how full we are, but she had to try. I offered to pay $$$$ to a reputable surgeon if a rescue or adopter was found.  


Nothing good happened over the next week, and Clover's ears kept bleeding. TECA Surgery involves completely removing the ear canal and tympanic bulla (middle ear), leaving only the remaining ear flap (Pinna).  A Cat Scan or MRI also had to be done before surgery to ensure the tumors had not invaded the brain tissue.   I knew in my bones that no one else would do this properly.


I agreed to take on Clover and do right by her. No matter the cost, she would get the surgery she needed, and whatever we found, we would figure it out. I had Clover brought to CVRC in Charleston, where she was checked out from top to bottom. She was heartworm positive, but her Cardiologist, Dr. Jesty, cleared her for surgery after a full Cardio work-up and Echo.


Dr. Steve Garnett drew the short straw to do her procedure. My only request was to keep her ear flap if at all possible. Dr. Garnett explained the tumors had grown into the Pinna, but he would do his best. The surgery was long and complicated.   Clover was stable but would have to stay in ICU. She required extensive wound care to save the ear flap.   Several areas became necrotic and had to be removed. After a week, we agreed to take on her wound care at our Rehab Facility.  


Her ears have been non-stop wound care. She had a terrible infection that if we did not get under control, she would have to go back into surgery. It has been almost a month since Clover had her procedure, and I can finally say her ears are ultimately improving. Stitches have been removed, and the tissue at the base of her ear flap has begun to granulate.


Through all of the non-stop would care, Clover has been nothing but an Angel.   She loves the attention and gives the Staff kisses the entire time. Clover has very little hearing that is mainly the vibrations she feels. Clover responds to touch and sight and possibly thunderous noises. Her hearing has been impaired for a very long time.


The best news is we finally got her biopsy report back, and they are benign. Her growths are secondary to severe chronic ear infections.   I cannot tell you how happy we were to get that report. Even Clover was jumping for Joy with all the good news.


Clover's extensive TECA Surgery and medical has gone way beyond anything you could imagine. We need everyone to Donate as much as they can so we can get these bills paid.   Clover will still have bills coming in while she is healing and will also have to be spayed and undergo Heartworm Treatment.   This beautiful Soulful pup has finally got a chance at a New Life. She is no longer a statistic but a Gift of Love.


March 10, 2022 by Jennifer Smith