COBY (Lab Mix)

GREENVILLE, SC.....Sweet Coby was picked up by Animal Control after being hit by a car.  This sweet five-year-old Lab Mix with short, stocky legs was struck so hard that his pelvis was crushed. You would think everyone would be jumping to help this beautiful pup with the most soulful eyes, but that was not the case.   


We agreed to take Cody and made arrangments to get him to CVRC in Charleston, SC.  for Surgery.   We were waiting to hear back when Cody would arrive when I got a note saying the Owners came forth and wanted their dog.  Greenville County Animal Control had taken Cody to the ER for the night since he was so painful until transport arrived.  


Owners wanting their dog back is Music to Our Ears.  They were taking Cody to their Vet for surgery, and we could move on to save another dog.   Two hours later, we got a message saying Owners do not want their dog.   The news was not:  Owners love and adore their dog and would like to see if we could help with surgery and do everything in their power to pay us back.  I was so disappointed (as I always am) when an Owner does not want their beloved pet back.


Transport was arranged, and dear Coby was brought to our surgeons. This poor pup's body was broken and now his Heart.   I am not sure if it is better for a pet never to see their Owners again or to see them one final time only to be abandoned.  The excellent news for Coby is none of the above will ever happen while in our care.   


Coby was beyond painful when he arrived and refused to stand under any conditions.  He still had a urinary catheter in from the Greenville ER.   Dr. Seibert and Dr. Garnett, our Surgeons, consulted on Coby and decided his pain level and lack of walking merited a Cat Scan in addition to the x-rays to rule out a spinal injury.   The Cat Scan would also identify every break and fracture Coby had so they did not go in blindly doing repairs.


Coby's Ilium was crushed on both sides, which is why he was in so much pain.   He also had broken his Femoral Head and needed to have it removed with an FHO since it could not be repaired.  Coby needed three major surgical procedures, or he would never walk normally again.   He is also very anemic and had bladder issues that need to be addressed.   The best news of all is he does not have any spinal injuries and should be able to recover once his repairs are done.


Coby's bills are going to be astronomical, and we will have Rehab for him to recover.  We need everyone to donate to this beautiful pup, so we do not dig ourselves in a bigger hole than we already are.    Fetch Mkt. is still closed to the public and will open in a couple of weeks if Covid-19 does not spike again in our area.  We are open to online shoppers and so appreciate the business.


This has been a difficult four months for everyone.  We are doing all we can to keep our heads above water and help the abandoned, abused dogs that need us the most.    We never turn our backs on any animal and do our part to help those that cannot help themselves.  Please, Help Us, Help them by DONATING.

June 09, 2020 by Jennifer Smith