DEMI (Maltese)


SNELLVILLE, GA.....No matter how hard I try, I find it impossible to unsee something that I wish was not true.   Cat Scans and x-rays do not lie.  They put information in front of you that you want not to be accurate.  Such is the case with a tiny 9-pound, 10-year-old Maltese that was abandoned.  A good Samaritan found Demi abandoned and injured at a park in Snellville, GA.  Demi was entirely down in her rear end.  Demi had an old flea collar on with a frayed leash attached.  She had no way of moving from where she was found since she could not walk because of her injuries.


Demi was brought to Gwinnett County Animal Control, where a vet immediately saw her, and x-rays were done.   In all my years of saving abused dogs, I have learned that x-rays do not lie.  I have also learned the trauma inflicted on an animal is always visible in their eyes and body language.  When I first received the note from Gwinnett County begging for a rescue to step up, I immediately said yes.   It was only later that I had a chance to pull up the x-rays to see how badly broken adorable Demi was.


The minute I saw the x-rays, I knew no one else would take on the challenge of putting her back together.  The cost for the surgeries alone was going to be over $10,000. and she would need months of Physical Therapy before she would be walking.   Demi was almost guaranteed she would develop arthritis as she got older, but it would be manageable.  I never waivered on my commitment to help this precious pup.


My 3-year-old Grandson, Sawyer, was with me when I met the transporter in Georgia.   I was shocked at the spry little girl with so much HOPE in her eyes when I picked her up.  As broken as she was, she never once whimpered or cried.  Somehow, she knew she had won the Lottery.  My Grandson kept telling her how lucky she was and that she would be fixed as good as new.   Demi kept looking at Sawyer, and Sawyer kept singing to Demi.  At that moment, Life was perfect.


Demi arrived at CVRC several hours later.  The ER Team was waiting for her arrival.  They were also surprised at how sweet and gentle this precious pup was.  They were going to repeat the x-rays and do a cat scan but could not believe how such a broken, tiny dog was still alive.  It soon became very apparent that Demi had not been hit by a car.  It looked like someone intentionally did this to her.  Demi's rear leg is broken, her pelvis is shattered in several places, and her hip joints are luxated.


It was determined the injuries were probably close to a month old and had begun to heal, so several areas would have to be rebroken so the surgeons could give Demi the best chance of walking. Demi had to be stabilized before the surgeons could begin the process since she was very anemic and dehydrated.


After five days of being in the ER, Demi's Surgical Team came up with a plan to begin her surgeries.  A lot was still up in the air since they did not know what they would find once they started the procedures.  I did what I always do with great surgeons; I let them decide what is best for the animal based on their findings.   I put my Faith in their ability as surgeons to do right by the animal First and Foremost.


Demi has had two significant procedures done, and she did well under anesthesia with the very long surgeries.  Her recovery will be long, and she will be in and out of the hospital.  Rehab cannot begin until she has begun the healing process.  Demi's first round of surgeries is over $10,000.  We have to raise funds before proceeding with the next Rehab stage.


A lot of people ask why I would dare spend this kind of money on a dog so broken.  Humanity abused her but did not destroy her Spirit or Will to Live.  Surgery can give her back her Life.  Abused animals should not have a price tag hanging around their neck.  Demi is doing the hard work of living with the unimaginable horror, pain, and suffering of someone doing this to her.  The least we can do is raise funds to fix her and love and nurture her.


Please, DONATE as much as you can for this wounded Angel.   Her healing Journey has just begun.  She has a long road ahead, but she will be walking with unconditional Love and Support.  Mankind abused her, and Mankind is going to fix her.   Thanks for giving Demi the Gift of Life.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

September 09, 2022 by Jennifer Smith