HANNAH (Retriever Mix)

DALLAS, NC...The World has turned on its head and does not appear to be righting itself any time soon.   Every day, I am discouraged by Humans and Humbled by Animals.  Dogs play, smile, laugh at us, and are forever our constant Companions that never leave our side.   If we were hurt, they would NEVER abandon us.   If there was ever a time to hold your pups close, well, the last three month has been it.


Beautiful Hannah was picked up by Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement. Gaston County was reaching out for help with this special girl since they could not keep her in the condition she was in.  Once her Stray-Hold was up, she would be put down if no one stepped up to save her.  We arranged to have her taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC, to have a thorough exam.  


Hannah is about 25 lbs. over-weight and has massive tumors all along her left Mammary Chain.  We are assuming she has cancer but are hopeful the tumors are benign.  The good news is x-rays do not show she has any other areas of concern.   Dr. Chris Gauthier was the Surgeon on duty when Hannah came in.  Dr. Gauthier wanted Hannah to get stable for the next couple of days, and then he would do surgery to remove the tumors.


The poor girl is so heavy that you have to look in all the fur to find the big tumors.   It was believed they were lipomas until she was thoroughly examined.  Hannah was initially called Mosley when she arrived.  We changed her name to one more fitting of her sweet personality and beautiful smile.   She looks like a Flat-Coated Retriever Mix.  We are guessing her age to be around eight years old.


Everyone at the hospital is in love with this beautiful girl. She has not reacted around any dogs or cats.  She is very laid back and calm with a beautiful coat of fur that is thick and shiny.   She came in with lots of mats on her underside that had to be cut away.  The balance of the mats will be removed when she is shaved for surgery.


Once her Surgeon, Dr. Gauthier, started her procedure, he soon realized her entire Mammary Chain was covered with tumors of all sizes. The best option was to remove the whole left chain and if she does have cancer to do chemotherapy.   Hannah did excellent under anesthesia and has not had any problems recovering from the surgery.  She was cut from the entire length of her belly and has staples from top to bottom. The staples have to remain for ten days and then can be removed.


We will put Hannah on a strict diet to get her weight off and do lots of walks when she is able.   In the meantime, we are showering her with lots of hugs and kisses while she is recovering.   Hannah is going to make the best Family Pet for someone special.  She loves everyone and would also be great around kids.


Her surgery was quite extensive to get all of the tumors.  Mammary Chains take up a large area on both sides of the underbelly.    Dr. Gauthier did not see any tumors on the right side, which he left intact.  It is just a matter of time for her to heal from the procedure.  We now have to raise funds to pay for her extensive surgery and rehab.   Please, Donate whatever you can so we can help more pups like Hannah get the necessary surgery they need to survive.  


Your Love and Support is how we help these special pups live the Life they should have always had.  Without you, none of this is possible.  Please, DONATE.

May 29, 2020 by Jennifer Smith