PENNY (German SHP)

CHARLESTON, SC.....It seems like everyone wants a special pup they are willing to pay for, but when they get hurt, they want the puppy euthanized instead of fixing the problem.    I hear this all day long in desperate pleads to help a dog that was hit by a car or has a bowel obstruction from eating a toy they should have never had.   The ailments go on and on, and the common factor is too many people want a puppy but do not want the responsibility that comes with Ownership.   


Adorable Penny is one of those cases.  I got a desperate plea from one of our Vets in the ER begging us to help a six-month-old German Short-Haired Pointer that had been run over.   The call came late into the night, so if I had not answered the dog would have been dead by the time I heard the message the following morning.   Penny had been backed over or run over in a parking lot at the Owners place of work that morning.  She was taken to her Vet and then brought to the ER later that night.  


Radiographs showed Penny had a right femoral fracture, right ischial/acetabular/ ilial fractures, left caudal acetabular fracture, SI luxation, and hindlimb wounds.  Our sweet pup was broken like Humpty-Dumpty and needed to be put back together.   The Owner opted to Euthanize even though Penny was fixable.  The surgeries were going to be expensive, but Penny could be saved.  Finally, the Owner was convinced to sign Penny over to someone that could help her.   


Don't adopt or buy a dog or any animal if you are not prepared to take care of them.   Puppies cost money even when they are not sick.  Accidents happen all the time.  It is the Owners responsibility to do whatever they can to help the animal they have adopted or bought.   It is not our responsibility to take care of everyone else's pets when they no longer want them.


The estimate to put Penny back together is close to $8000 because she has to have two separate surgeries.  One to treat the left side injuries and one to address the right side injuries. Lots of pins and plates to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.   Penny does not deserve to die.  She is a puppy, and I am sure she was doing what puppies do: running around and playing to her heart's content.


Owners could learn a lot if they paid attention to any of our e-mails.  We beg, borrow, sell things, and do whatever it takes to raise funds to help these innocent Angels.   When all else fails, I have to step up for the 1/1000th time because an Owner refused to.  So now I am begging to get this puppy the surgery she needs so she can go back to being an adorable puppy that has her entire Life ahead.  Please, Please, Please DONATE toward Penny's Surgeries so we can go back to saving Abused Dogs that Owners are taking out all their Anger on daily.  


It seems like every day I am more shocked than the next due to the inhumanity we see in the abuse that is taken out on Man's Best Friend.   How Soulless can a person be to hurt an innocent Dog that wants nothing but to give Love?  He wants nothing for himself but to please his Owner.  A perfect example is Dudley.  This innocent Soul could not be any sweeter, and he is still in ICU Critical.  His pads of his feet are so infected from the neglect and abuse he can barely walk.  Our hearts break every time he tries to walk and wag his tail to let us know he is okay.   He is not okay, but he wants us to think he is.


Animals like Dudley love unconditionally and never give up, which is why we can't give up on them.   When we send a plea around, any amount helps us help them.   Please, DONATE so we can keep doing what we do.   We help the innocent and abused get the medical care they need to Survive with a good Quality of Life and LOVE them Unconditionally.   No matter the Cost or the Burden, we never turn our backs on these pups.  We are here when no one else is.   

June 13, 2019 by Jennifer Smith