PETER (Vidalia)

VIDALIA, GA....Peter is an adorable 4-month-old Chihuahua Mix picked up on the side of the road. Peter could not walk because of breaks in the front and rear legs.   Animal Control and a local Rescue were contacted to see if anyone could help this poor, broken Angel.  Animal Control contacted Peter's owners, and they refused to take responsibility for his medical needs.  


I understand massive veterinary bills better than anyone. I also appreciate the responsibility for the medical needs of a Family Pet. None of us like it when accidents happen.  The difference is one person sees the animal as Family and the other as Property.   Anyone that thinks of a Family Pet as Property should not have an animal.  Dogs get sick and have accidents just like children.   The difference is laws protect children. I haven't found a law that makes owners responsible and protects the animal.


Adorable Peter's Life was hanging in the balance until S.O.A.P.S. in Vidalia, GA, contacted us asking for help.  We were their last resort, given how massive Peter's injuries were.  My first thought was how sad for this precious puppy.  I saw his x-rays and knew he must be in unimaginable pain.  I agreed to take Peter and do everything possible to give him back his Life free of pain and suffering.


Peter was brought to Noah's Arks Rescue in Okatie, SC, and we transferred him the rest of the way to CVRC in Charleston, SC.  Broken does not begin to describe the injuries this precious pup had.  When he arrived at the ER, they were shocked to see how broken he was.  


Lots more x-rays had to be taken to ensure Peter's injuries could be repaired. Dr. Rachel Seibert was the surgeon on call when Peter arrived.  Her assessment was to repair the front leg with a plate and allow Peter several days to recover before repairing the rear leg. Peter did great during his first procedure and was kept comfortable for the next three days.


While Peter was in the hospital, Dr. Seibert evaluated his rear leg to determine what would give Peter the best possible outcome.  Every surgeon I work with knows I have a big problem with later removing a leg I just did surgery on to repair.  Peter's break was in the worst possible location.  There was a 50-50 chance the repair would never heal properly.   If that happened, I would have no choice but to amputate the rear leg.


I decided the risk was too significant to put Peter through three major surgeries potentially.   Puppies do excellent as tripods.   That was going to be the best possible scenario for Peter.  He still had to recover from the first surgery, which would take months.  Peter was no longer able to use the rear leg and was already a tripod.


The following week, Dr. Seibert removed Peter's rear leg and neutered him simultaneously.  If Peter could have jumped for joy, I believe he would have.  His surgery and recovery were unremarkable.  The hard part will be keeping him quiet for the next couple of months while his front leg heals.


Two major surgeries and a week in the ER will stress anyone out when the bills come due. The difference is that I would never euthanize an animal that could be saved by having surgery or medical care.  I would devise whatever means I had to pay for the medical care.  My animals and those in our care at Noah's Arks Rescue are FAMILY.   We do whatever, whenever to give them the best possible outcome. We struggle financially just like everyone else.  


I beg daily to get the best possible medical care for our animals at a reduced rate. I beg for Donations and Financial help whenever it is needed. We are a small but mighty group at Noah's Arks Rescue. Everything we do is for the welfare of the animals in our care.  Behind the closed doors of Noah's Arks Rescue, Miracles Happen every hour of the day.  


Please, help us, help Peter and all the other animals in our care by DONATING.   Thanks for your generous heart and giving spirit.

June 29, 2022 by Jennifer Smith