BEAUFORT, SC.....W e never know the actual story of the pups we save.  All we know are the injuries and abuse that show directly on their body on in their mental state when we find them. Fourth of July came and went without any significant catastrophes in our area.   We didn't get notices of lost dogs or major injuries which is wonderful for this holiday since animals are petrified of fireworks and the noises they make.  I thought we were spared the horrors until we got a call from Beaufort County.  They had picked up a young two-year-old Pitbull that was barely able to walk.


I was on my way to get tools to work on a kennel when the text came in. It was easy enough for me to swing by Beaufort Animal Control to see the pup that needed help.   Tallulah only calls when I am the Last Resort for an animal she is passionate about saving.   One look at this helpless pup and my first thought was she would never make it to the hospital.  We named her Willow because she had a willowy fragile body that was skin and bones and beautiful, hopeful eyes.


I agreed to take her if they would get on the road immediately and take her to CVRC in Charleston.  If I was going to save her, she needed a critical care facility, and they were the best in the area.   I never expected Willow to survive the drive but was glad she was not alone and was given Hope when there was none. Willow was immediately rushed to the back where their ER Team was waiting for her.   Tests were done to see how bad she was and what needed to happen first to save her.


Beautiful Angelic Willow was fur on bones that wanted nothing but to show love to everyone she met.   How is a dog that was starved almost to death by Mankind able to Love?    That question will always be a mystery to me.   When Willow could not walk, she would crawl.   She would never have to crawl again because, for the next few days, she was practically living in someone's lap while they took care of her.


Willow was heartworm positive and very anemic.   The first thing they did was give her several transfusions to stabilize her.   She immediately began to feel better with the blood.  Once she was stable, x-rays were taken to see what she had in her abdomen since she was throwing up when she arrived.   Willow's belly was full of rocks and bones.  Unfortunately, the chance of those passing through her system is very slim.


Willow was too sick for surgery at this time to remove the objects, so we have to wait and see how bad her Heartworm Disease is to know if she can have anesthesia.  Willow is seeing Cardiology this morning to see what they can do to get her stable.   We had hoped for a Miracle during the night but did not get it when she was not able to pass any of the objects.  Sweet Willow has a Team of Specialists that are working on her case.  It took months of neglect for her to get this way, and it is going to take months to get her healthy again.


Please, Donate whatever you can so we can give Willow all the Medical Care she will need to survive.   She has waited all her Life for someone to care, and now she has it.  We are going to do everything possible to save her with your help.

July 08, 2019 by Jennifer Smith