WINTER (Husky)


GREENVILLE, SC......One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure.  The abused pups we save were discarded like Trash: no identification and no one looking for them.  Certain dogs are so amazing that we know someone will come looking for them.  Beautiful Winter is one of those spectacular dogs we knew must have an Owner somewhere.  


Winter is a four-year-old pure breed Husky shot with a rifle when she killed someone's chickens. The neighbor of the person that shot Winter contacted Greenville County Animal Control to come and help this sweet dog.  I was surprised when we got the text begging for help that Winter was still alive.  I agreed and had him taken to CVRC in Charleston, SC.


Winter was shot in the lateral aspect of his left forearm and had an ulnar radial fracture.  His elbow is severely damaged, and putting a pin or plate in would be almost impossible.  Once Winter arrived at CVRC, we realized why he went after someone's chickens.  This beautiful pup was starving to death.  It looks like someone abandoned him with no way to care for himself.  Winter did whatever he could to survive. If the shot had hit him any higher, he would be dead.


The surgeons decided they needed more information than an x-ray was giving them.  Winter needed a cat scan which we agreed to do.   After a lengthy discussion, it was decided the best chance for Winter to keep his leg was to use a splint and do bandage changes every other day unless the leg gets infected and then daily changes.


Having a splint on a leg with bullet fragments still in the leg would not be easy.   Winter's leg did get infected, and wound management became a nightmare.  She was at the hospital twice a week for one reason or another.  We would get the infection under control, and then it would start draining again.  Every day it was something with his leg.


For two solid months, we had to do would care on Winter's leg.  The day we got to remove the splint was the happiest day for everyone.   His leg had finally healed well enough so he could walk without needing the extra support from the splint.   For the last month and a half, Winter's leg has healed beautifully.  He can now run and play just like a regular dog.  It was touch and go for a while, but we finally got his leg to heal.


We knew during all this time that someone would have reached out to Animal Control in Greenville saying they were missing their beautiful Husky.  Sadly, no one did, and there was no identification on him.  Winter is fabulous in every way.  He loves everyone and is friendly to all the dogs he comes in contact with.  We do not have chickens or cats, so we cannot verify how he would be around them.  I assume he has a prey drive or would not have gone after the chickens.


Winter is going to make an outstanding Family member.  If he would suit your household, please fill out our application for him or drop us a note.  In the meantime, we must pay all his medical bills for the last four months.   His ER visit to CVRC and twice weekly hospital visits have added to quite a lot.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for giving Winter his Life back.  He now acts like a typically sweet, mischievous Husky that we adore.

April 14, 2023 by Jennifer Smith