Kerus Chilean Crafts - Toiletry Bags


Loica, Chucao, and Carpinterito: 9.8" x 7.8" x 2.8"; 100% cotton; natural color; lined with zipper, leather strap.

Martin Pescador: 7.5" x 5" x 0.5" 100% cotton; natural color; lined with zipper

Puma Pillow Cover: 18" x 18"100% cotton; natural color, zipper closure

We work with local artisans and producers to bring the best of Chile to your home.

Kerus is a platform for the dissemination and commercialization of contemporary handicrafts, traditional handicrafts, Author Design products and high-end gourmet products from Chile that was born under the umbrella of Punto Aparte Ltda., a company dedicated to developing specialized advice, training and openness to new national and international markets.

We promote the development of artisans, designers and gourmet producers in Chile through advice, training and support in the commercialization of their products in our own points of sale (B2C) and in spaces within stores, hotels and/or specialized spaces ( B2B).

We have more than 64 brands, which translates not only into a positive impact on more than 130 families that comprise them, but also in a variety of more than 350 high-quality products and the most diverse prices to cover the different needs of our customers. customers.

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