Simply B Vermont: Happy Cat


Felted balls charged with the power of B Happy their proprietary blend of euphoria inducing herbs that will keep your cat very happy.  

About Simple B Vermont:

I had been making toys and clothing for my dogs and cats since my childhood spent in rural Alaska.  We didn’t live near stores, so we made the things that we needed. I remember sewing catnip toys by the light of a kerosene lantern, so that my cat would have something to play with.  I never thought of selling what I made to other people, it was just something I did to make my fur-family happy. 

But then when people started telling their friends about what I had made for their dogs and cats I couldn’t ignore the facts.  People liked what I had made for them enough to recommend me to their friends. I was helping make dogs and cats happy!

I decided to set out to create the most fun and functional toys and apparel I could for the most loved fur-babies in Vermont.

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