ANFISA - ÂN-ILLUME - Bougie Parfumée


ÂN-ILLUME - Bougie Parfumée

A sophisticated scent evoking simple pleasures. It immediately warms with the luxurious nostalgia of leather and the mahogany wisdom of your favorite reading nook. Balanced and brightened with botanical notes of ripe cucumber and still-steaming white tea that enlighten your senses. Waxing poetic with natural richness and freshness, the earthy depth of wood, musk, and amber grounds the citrusy tartness of bergamot and mandarin. Our singular, signature ANFISA blend is effortlessly aspirational and addictive, inspiring feelings of serenity, familiarity, and tranquility. 

ABOUT:  ANFISA Skin founder Aly Korchemniy’s passion for real, proven results is anything but skin deep. Amid a decade-long struggle with her acne-prone skin, Aly’s fruitless search for a natural remedy that actually worked led to a realization: if she wanted dewy skin, she would have to do it herself.

Embracing the pursuit of innovation and alchemy, Aly spent six years researching green beauty and clean formulations, realizing that her life’s purpose was to follow her truest passion — skincare. Her background in medical aesthetics and her drive to find solutions for herself and others experiencing her struggle led to the creation of ANFISA’s debut product, LILOU Radiant Hydra-Balm.

Today, Aly leads ANFISA Skin with an enthusiasm for innovation and a commitment to creating new formulas, with the understanding that depth is not found outside oneself — it is cultivated from within.

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