Bornn Enamelware - Marble Rectangular Tray, Blush


BORNN | Enamelware Marble Rectangular Tray - Blush

Designed in Turkey by sisters Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston, Bornn enamelware is handmade by fusing porcelain onto heavy gauge steel. These trays aren't just works of art, they will last a lifetime! Enamelware 10 3/4 inches x 7 1/2 inches Dishwasher safe Ok to use on oven, grill stovetop, campfire Do not use in microwave Designed in Turkey and handmade.

Inspired by tradition, craftsmanship and cultures around the world, BORNN offers a wide range of tableware that fuses the traditional techniques of enamelware with a modern approach to bring truly unique tableware to the contemporary world. Each BORNN piece is crafted by skilled master artisans in Istanbul, keeping this traditional skill alive.

Enamelware is a time honored and time consuming skill that involves fusing glass onto heavy-gauge steel through the use of a kiln. Raw steel bodies are machine mulled or hand-formed, glazed and then kiln fired to create a smooth surface. When placing each piece into the kiln for firing, variations in color intensity will result depending on where the piece is placed within the kiln, which guarantees something truly unique for the end product.

The Marble collection is produced by using the traditional marbling techniques that emerged in Anatolia and dates back to the 15th century. Bringing together this traditional technique with a modern palette, the collection fuses contrasting pastel hues to add a splash of striking patterns to any table setting.

Dimensions: 19.5cm x 27cm x 2cm

Care instructions:

Due to its smooth, non-porous surface made of glass, enamel is bacteria inhibiting and is easy to clean. With right care and use it can last for a lifetime and become a family heirloom and your dishes will look new for generations to come.

Handwashing with the soft side of the sponge is recommended to prolong the life of your enamelware.
Avoid wire brushes, steel wool, scouring powder containing sand and cleaning sponges with ceramic particles this can scratch the surface.
The enamelware is dishwasher safe - just use the glass washing program.
Dry the cookware well. Any lime spots can effortlessly be removed with vinegar water.
Do not use heavy duty cleaning products and harsh chemicals when cleaning, enamelware can easily be cleaned with a simple combination of lime juice and baking soda.
What appear to be scratches in the enamel could be marks left by metal tools: streaks of metallic residue, which have caused little or no damage to the underlying enamel. Enamel is much harder than stainless steel, you can scrub the marks with a gentle cleaning compound.
Enameled steel is incredibly strong, but the glass top coat will chip if handled too roughly or dropped onto hard surfaces (revealing the steel frame underneath) remember it is still safe to eat from your enamelware dishes even if the steel underneath the glass is exposed.
During the production process of enamelware products are hung for drying and firing under their rims therefore flash rust can appear in these areas, they can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
There are small holes to allow gas to escape on models with hollow handles. Here the air can escape during firing. The little bubbles are part of the enameling process.
There may be seams on the inside of the handle. Basic enamel leaks outwards slightly during firing, and a thin line appears, this is part of the enameling process.

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