Bukowski Bears - Ziggy


Brighten Your Adventures with Ziggy Butterfly Lemon! Ziggy, dressed in a vibrant lemon butterfly costume, symbolizes a bright zest for life. Crafted with the highest quality fabric, this plush inspires its companions to admire the enchanting world around them. Ziggy Butterfly Lemon, embodying Bukowski Bears’ timeless designs and heritage, promises to be a forever friend on every adventure.

Embrace the Winds of Change with Ziggy Butterfly Mint! Ziggy transforms into a minty butterfly, a symbol of fresh adventure and transformation. This plush encourages its friends to spread their wings and explore the beauty around them, thanks to its superior, soft fabric and enduring design. A testament to Bukowski Bears' legacy of crafting timeless companions, Ziggy Butterfly Mint stays by your side, promising a lifetime of adventures.

Adventure Awaits with Ziggy Butterfly Rose! Ziggy, in a rose-hued butterfly costume, invites you to discover the world's wonders. Ziggy is made from the finest material and each flap of its wings inspires a journey of imagination and beauty. Reflecting Bukowski Bears' dedication to enduring craftsmanship and classic design, Ziggy Butterfly Rose is more than a toy; it's a companion for life's sweetest adventures.

Embark on Mystical Adventures with Ziggy Dragon! Irresistibly soft and crafted to last through harrowing adventures, Ziggy Dragon is a dream companion for those who love to explore fantasy worlds. 

Find a little Luck with Ziggy Lady Bug! This cute costume features a shimmering red antenna hood and big, soft lady bug wings. Remove Ziggy’s hood to transform him back into the softest plush bear. 



Designed in Sweden

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