Capucine De Wulf - Earth Goddess Chain Necklace


This classic long statement chain necklace looks great with tunics and sweaters when worn long, and can be wrapped around your neck twice for a shorter version with dresses, crew necks and collared shirts when you want a fuller look. This timeless design will never go out of style. With its clever clasp, you can clip on a pendant, or wear it in a ‘y’ formation to get 3 different looks from one necklace. The faux tortoise shell or teak material is wardrobe staple that looks gorgeous all year round.

Care: avoid water, lotions, chemicals, perspiration
36 inches, falls at 17 inches

A classic chain re-imagined by Mother Earth. It’s a lovely reminder to drink in the fresh air and stay grounded.

As each piece is entirely made by hand and with natural materials, they will all vary slightly and carry the soulful imperfections of the artisan who made 

A B O U T   C A P U C I N E

Capucine was born in Paris of a French father and a Texan mother. Her unique upbringing, combining old-world Europe with southern whimsy resulted in her hallmark personality and design aesthetic of French romance with an American sensibility. In 2001, Capucine and her husband David Gooding founded Juliska – an acclaimed tableware and home décor company with the motto “Love and the Art of Living Well.” With a grand debut in 2017, Capucine De Wulf jewelry combines all of Capucine’s great passions – womanhood, home and heart, through the medium of personal adornment. Capucine lives with her three scallywag daughters, marvelous husband and a small zoo of furry pets in Charleston, South Carolina.

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