Capucine De Wulf - Serpentina Hinged Bangle, Teak Earth Goddess


Delicately hand applied golden lattice wraps the hand-carved teak wood body on this sleek and exotic garden creature.  A symbol of flexibility and quick wit, this whimsically elegant piece adds a layer of sophistication to your ensemble.  

Teak Wood, 

2.2"L, 1.88"W

Care: avoid water, lotions, chemicals, perspiration 


A B O U T   C A P U C I N E

Capucine was born in Paris of a French father and a Texan mother. Her unique upbringing, combining old-world Europe with southern whimsy resulted in her hallmark personality and design aesthetic of French romance with an American sensibility. In 2001, Capucine and her husband David Gooding founded Juliska – an acclaimed tableware and home décor company with the motto “Love and the Art of Living Well.” With a grand debut in 2017, Capucine De Wulf jewelry combines all of Capucine’s great passions – womanhood, home and heart, through the medium of personal adornment. Capucine lives with her three scallywag daughters, marvelous husband and a small zoo of furry pets in Charleston, South Carolina.

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