Cushendale - Silare Mohair Throw Blanket - Large


This generously sized luxurious mohair throw radiates the passion which lies at the heart of our ethos. Drawing from contemporary influences, this stunning piece seamlessly embodies a distinctive beauty which is unique to Cushendale today. The Silare throw joins our past to our future through design and colour and will conjure inspiration in any space.

Origin: Undyed yarn sourced in Italy
Yarn: 70% Mohair / 30% Wool
Colour: Uniquely hank dyed at our mill in a custom colour palette
Handle: A delicate and bespoke handling to create an indulgent softer finish
Crafted: Designed, woven and hand finished by our team of highly skilled makers.

Originating in the mountains of Tibet and considered one of the oldest fibres in the world, this diamond fibre is characterised by a distinct lustre and sheen. Mohair remains one of the most exclusive and luxurious natural textiles. All our mohair yarns are uniquely hank dyed at our historic mill, a delicate and signature process which enhances the yarn fibres and protects all of the natural softness in a bespoke colour palette.

Size: 54" x 80"

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