Elemental - Recess - Slim Insulated Can Cooler


SLIDE INTO SUMMER WITH THE RECESS SERIES - SLIM CAN COOLER Tired of the grind? Pop in your favorite slim can and slide into a newer, happier hour with the Recess series 12 oz slim can cooler.

Turning a refreshing beverage into hours of ice-cold juice, beer, or cocktails, the Recess Slim Can Cooler will liven up your favorite drinks. Includes 3 grip surfaces for outstanding slip control even in wild times, and a comfort band, because your hands deserve it.

TrueBarrier™ technology utilizes triple-layer vacuum sealed insulation and two 18/8 stainless steel layers plus an inner copper layer to keep your drinks cold from start to finish, no ice required. Meanwhile, your hands get to stay warm and dry away from condensation. Perfect for beach parties, bonfires, barbecues, backyard or nature hangouts, and picnics.
Made in Vietnam


IN 2016 ELEMENTAL WAS FOUNDED WITH A SIMPLE MISSION: TO CREATE FUNCTIONAL, REUSABLE PRODUCTS THAT SUSTAIN OUR ENVIRONMENT AND IMPROVE YOUR LIFE. A minimalistic silhouette for the modest professional, Elemental capitalizes upon the intersection where design meets practicality. A brand born and bred in California, Elemental perpetuates a lifestyle that embodies its roots - one of simplistic functionality to be appreciated on the go in any situation. #liveelemental

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