Elizabeth W Products Ivory Linen Rose Sachet


Add a wonderful touch of elegance to your bedroom with one of these French lavender filled drawer liners. Everyone loves these, including Oprah, who made them one of her favorites! You can use it to line a pillow or lightly scent a drawer or suitcase. It is made with a 100% white linen fabric and features a silk band filled with French lavender. Made in the USA in by elizabethW of San Francisco. This drawer liner measures 16" by 22".

"Elizabeth W is a unique and beautiful collection of products ranging from perfume to lavender filled sachets and bags. These products all strive to celebrate a spirit of independence and determination, with plenty of romance and elegance thrown in. Above all, the Elizabeth W collection is clean, sophisticated, and speaks to the individual. You'll find unique designs and exquisite and artfully blended fragrances mingled in each and every Elizabeth W product."

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