ESPINALER - Salsa Espinaler - 750ml


Salsa Espinaler 750ml is a perfect sauce to accompany appetizers, it is a sensational condiment to add to cockles, clams and chips. Excellent with olives and tinned fish and would be a great addition to a bloody mary.  The espinaler sauce recipe dates back to 1960 and is a unique and very successful family recipe. The basic ingredients are a quality wine vinegar, sweet red pepper, black pepper and a series of spices that the family keeps secret.


Sauce History for Espinaler

To elaborate Reserva Única Dos Déus a mixture of several herbs is put to macerate in alcohol during two months, the main of which are dictamos of Crete, Artemisa pontica, the ajedrea of garden and the gentian.

After this time the herbs are pressed to extract the extract where the aromas and flavor are concentrated, and mixed with white wine from Tarragona and mistela that gives it the sweet notes. The mixture matures 5 years, by the system of soleras, in barrels of 500l. coming from the aging of wines of Cadiz.

In the past, each town had its own salsa recipe to accompany Sunday's vermouth. In the case of Espinaler, the sauce was so popular that the people who visited the tavern, when they finished making the vermouth, asked for a bottle to take away, in the beginning glass bottles were used and filled in the tavern itself as if it were bulk wine, it was covered with a cork and people could enjoy it at home, it was then when Miquel Tapias, fourth generation of taverners, decided to take a step forward and bottle and sell the sauce, the rest is history.

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