Goodman Spalding - GS Earrings 164


In 2008 Nashville, Tennessee artisans, Jennifer Goodman and Ann Spalding began creating a boldly feminine line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that uniquely blended old coins, religious medals and semi-precious stones, woven together with matte gold, bronze and brushed silver chains.

 Unwittingly a fun way for two friends to spend time together making jewelry led to a style and a look was born. Their initial business transactions were surprising as they found themselves selling their creations literally off their necks while in a store, or at dinner, or wherever they might wear a piece out. After a few in-home sales left their display tables bare and with the encouragement of their friends and buyers, Jennifer and Ann realized there might just be a business demand for their jewelry and Goodman Spalding was born.

 Now with hundreds of Goodman Spalding creations made and sold Jennifer and Ann bring theirunique offerings to you. Jennifer has recently retired from the jewelry community, but Ann continues to create jewelry under the Goodman Spalding brand.

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