Hangai Mountain Textiles


Hangai Mountain Textiles is our family-owned and run business that's based in Basalt, Colorado, with a presence in Mongolia where we source our natural fibers, and where we have lived and worked for more than a decade.

Our collection of exquisite yak down, cashmere and baby camel blankets and throws are knit and woven exclusively in Mongolia from hand-combed natural fibers by partners who share our values and commitment to sustainable and fair practices.

Mongolia is among the most sparsely populated countries on earth. One can travel for hours in the countryside and see no one. The only evidence of human settlement is herds of cashmere goats and flocks of sheep that dot the earthy brown and green steppe. The bird's eye collection evokes the expanse of the Mongolian steppe dotted by animals in a design that is attractive, and in a size that is functional as a throw or wrap at home or when traveling. 100x200cm

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