Jenni Earle - Bandana - Good Luck


‘good luck’ bandana

Please use this talisman of LUCK as a reminder that luck comes from inside you!

“luck is BELIEVING you’re lucky”
-tennessee williams

carry, wear or tuck this super soft hand-dyed and triple washed bandana to remember that you are already as lucky as you need to be!



our beauty isn’t defined by the color of our skin, eyes or hair, it isn’t defined by the size of our blue jeans; but instead by the authenticity of our beating hearts and loud, honest voices! join us at jenni earle as we build a tribe of the wild and brave, the kindred spirits, looking at the world with new eyes, seeing a brighter, more authentic world.

jenni earle builds talismans to let you KNOW the depth of your own wild, brave heart. these talismans are hand-dyed bandanas made start to finish in the carolinas. each one has a phrase that will help you conquer fears, validate your curiosity and embolden you to define your life on your terms.

the love of bandanas started early with jenni earle. growing up in west virginia, she loved working in the garage with her grandpa, earl. he always had a bandana tucked into his pocket that he’d use to wipe the sawdust off a piece of furniture he was building or clean his hands after coming out from under the hood of a car. he never said, you’re too young to help, or a girl, so probably shouldn’t run the drill press. when earl wasn’t looking, she would swipe that bandana and hold it, trying to channel all his strength and bravery into her being. “holding that 22” square of cotton, i felt like i could conquer anything. the bandana became a talisman for me, a symbol of that bravery” she remembers.

forever a maker, she set out to bring earl’s bandana to you. we want you to have a symbol of your own strength and bravery to hold, wear or carry to remind you how capable you ALREADY ARE to explore your place in this world deeply and fully!

jenni earle products are made by hand in the carolinas. they are cut and sewn in south carolina and then dyed by hand in winston-salem, north carolina. the bandanas are then screen printed with a hand-drawn design. the process of washing the goods a few times before hand-dyeing leaves the finished bandanas looking all just a little bit different, making them truly one of a kind and oh so soft.

20.5″ X 20.5″
100% cotton
machine wash cold, slight fading to be expected

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